About Jiri Pacinek

In this day and age you will hardly find such a Master glass maker as Jiri Pacinek is. This talented glass artist-craftsman is captivating many glass art collectors and admirers. He has started his career in glass field as early as in the 1990, when he had joined Chribska 1414 Glass Works. Followed by many years of developing his talent in Glass Works Ajeto he was given chance to work with renowned World Glass Art legends as Bořek Šípek, René Roubíček, Leon Applebaum, Louis Sakalowski and many others. He had never forgotten though about his own designs which he had at that time pursued in his free time. Glass Works Ajeto provided him with an extraordinary opportunity to shape his own individual style harvesting it in his Studio and Glass Works, which was built in 2007. Here he applied his wide ranging potential and started with creating large-scale, technically demanding decorative sculptures along with daily use wholesome glass objects, like vases and bowls, and so on. During short time period of working in his private glass works his glass art entered into private collections and became the collection of design studios and galleries itself. In 2015 expands production in the new glassworks in Kunratice village.


Besides own creation Jiri Pacinek has cooperated with several world artists and designers. Thanks to such meetings a lot of unique art objects have been created and many of them became a part of famous world museum collections.
Of the glass objects that Jiri Pacinek has created over the past years, many can now be found in privat collections world-wide. Also, Pacinek's work is presented in a number of world renown design company collections.

Designers & Design companies:

Sun Liang - China
Anna Torfs - NL
Frans van Praet - NL
Lene Bodker - NL
Erich Inselsbacher - A
Bořek Šípek - CZ
René Roubíček - CZ
Maria Roosen - NL
Antoním Manto - CZ
Filip Houdek - CZ
Lukáš Houdek - CZ
Jitka Skuhravá-Kamencová - CZ
Tomáš Kamenec - CZ
Rob Stern - USA
Alexa Lixfeld - DE
Martin Janecký - CZ
Petra Matela -
Foibos Design s.r.o. - CZ
HG Atelier Design s.r.o. - CZ
Preciosa Lustry, a.s. - CZ
Lides s.r.o. - SK
Glassimo Praha s.r.o. - CZ
Artglass s.r.o. - CZ
Halama Glass - CZ
Sklářský Atelier s.r.o. - CZ
Lasvit s.r.o. - CZ
FusionZ - USA
Odyssey Imports - USA

Exhibitions & presentations:

Praha, Muzeum moderního skla ZIBA

Mimoň, Městské muzeum - Skleněná krása 05/2014
Löbau, Galerie Arkadenhof - Německo - Lebendiges Glas 09/2014
Chengdu, Čína - České sklo v Chengdu - 10/2014




New glassworks

Kunratice u Cvikova April 2017

Kunratice u Cvikova May 2016

K významné příležitosti 700 let od narození Karla IV.( pozn. 14.5.1316) bylo výzvou vytvořit korunovační klenoty a bystu ze skla.
Při výrobě bylo použito uranové sklo spolu s dalšími barvami.
Velkou ctí, že fotografie byly pořízeny profesorem Miroslavem Vojtěchovským.

Kunratice u Cvikova May 2015

The newest act of expansion of Pačinek Glass is opening new glassworks in Kunratice by Cvikov, where Jiří built new glassworks in place of an old perished smith’s shop. Here you can also watch creation of glass art in action and visit a gallery with works of Jiří Pačinek.




1.–4. 10. 2015





Lindava Glassworks & Kunratice Glassworks

In 2008 performed their old dream to work in their own hotworks in Lindava. In 2015 expands production in the new glassworks in Kunratice village.

Glassworks Lindava

Client Testimonials

  • The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart.

    Helen Keller
  • A good job is more than just a paycheck. A good job fosters independence and discipline, and contributes to the health of the community. A good job is a means to provide for the health and welfare of your family, to own a home, and save for retirement.

    James H. Douglas, Jr.
  • The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection.


Get In Touch.

Before the glass object is born, it requires a lot of patience,glassmaster's skill and exact cooperation with his assistant.
All these things help Jiri Pacinek to imprint a soul, invention and original character into his glass pieces... Contact us...

Lindava Address and Phone

Jiří Pačinek

Lindava 82
471 58 Cvikov
Czech Republic

Tel.: +420 487 752 502
Mobil: +420 774 636 376
Email: info@pacinekglass.com


Kunratice Address and Phone

Jiří Pačinek

Kunratice u Cvikova 147
471 55 Kunratice u Cvikova
Czech Republic

Email: info@pacinekglass.com


U.S.A. Dealer

Pavel Hanousek

Fusion Z, Inc.
95 W. Matheson St.
Healdsburg, CA 95448, USA
T: (707) 433-8797
F: (707) 433-8799
Email: pavel@fusionz.com

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